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    Vascular and Interventional Radiology

    vascular and interventional radiology

    Radiology is an umbrella field, concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, with the aid of various imaging techniques. Interventional radiology is a subset of radiology, performed by specialists called interventional radiologists. These specialists use live imaging to guide small instruments like needles or catheters to reach a location in the body. The skill set of a doctor who has specialized in interventional radiology is not shared by any other doctor. The field takes a step further from just diagnosing the disease and aiding the treatment approach, but also provides a safer route towards treatment and cure, as opposed to an open surgery. Small incisions are made percutaneously in these procedures. Interventional radiology may be classified into vascular and non-vascular interventions.

    Vascular and interventional radiology (VIR) utilizes image-guidance to perform a variety of minimally invasive, vascular, and non-vascular procedures to treat a wide range of diseases. This means that an interventional radiologist specializes in diagnosis made via imaging, but also in performing non-surgical procedures under live imaging to attain a definitive treatment for the disease. The image guidance enhances accuracy and precision of the procedures.

    Procedures are performed in the VIR suites using ultrasound, fluoroscopy or x-ray, and CT scanning for guidance. Instead of large incisions required for some open surgeries, these procedures are performed through small incisions, allowing catheters, needles, and other devices to be guided to the treatment site. The overall approach taken in the procedure enhances the treatment accuracy and expedites the recovery time. Another reason behind vascular and interventional radiology gaining greater patient compliance is due to the procedures being less painful.

    As an alternative route to traditional surgical procedures, vascular and interventional radiology has managed to bag many accolades, especially for being a promising solution for painful uterine fibroids. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad is a pioneer in bringing vascular and interventional radiology procedures to two big cities of Pakistan, namely Lahore, and Karachi. He is an interventional radiologist and an endovascular specialist who has now treated a multitude of patients using his expertise in this field.

    Additionally, Vascular and International Radiology manages many diseases, including:

    • Biliary Disease
    • Endocrine Venous Sampling
    • Cancer and Tumor Management
    • Kidney and Urology Disease
    • Liver Disease
    • Vascular (Vessel) Disease
    • Venous Access and Dialysis
    • Women’s Health(Uterine Fibroid Embolization, Uterine artery Embolization for Adenomysis and pelvic congestion syndrome treatment )
    • Men’s Health(Varicocele treatment, Venous leak treatment and prostate artery embolization)

    Post Procedures

    Once you’re done with the treatment, the doctors will analyze your road towards improvement every step of the way. Interventional radiology deals with minimally invasive procedures which require lesser post procedural attention. As you’re in the hospital, the doctor and medical staff are obligated to look after your health and ensure that you attain a speedy recovery. After being discharged from the hospital, your doctor and staff will keep in touch with you for regular check-ups through calls to ensure you’re doing well, until you get back to being perfectly healthy. The post procedure guidelines must be followed by the patient, as well. A true success story is only in the complete recovery of the patient.

    Dr. Ahmad has been practicing in the health care industry for more than 20 years.
    In 1995 he completed his fellowship at Northwestern University Chicago Illinois USA.