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    Gamma Block-Bariatric Embolization

    obesity bariatric

    Obesity Bariatric Non-Surgical 3-D Guided Endovascular Treatment

    The field of bariatric comprises therapies and strategies for weight reduction and management. A person with a Body Mass Index of greater than 30 kg/m2 is considered obese. Since obesity lies at the foundation of various diseases and affects all bodily systems, losing weight becomes a necessity in health management. The cause of obesity may be multifactorial. While in some cases, an unhealthy lifestyle seems to have played a role, in others, a disease could be the culprit.

    Patients who do not respond to increased physical activity and diet plans are advised to go for surgical options to avoid worsening of their comorbidities. Obesity treatment relies heavily on bariatric surgery, which is an invasive procedure. As a result, nonsurgical weight loss procedures were a need of time. A modified version of the bariatric surgery thats aims to achieve the same goal, but in a safer way, is Bariatric arterial embolization- Gamma block procedure. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad is the pioneer of this modified procedure and was offered for the first time in Pakistan in November 2017.The procedure relies on the same principle as that of bariatric surgery, with variations in the approach taken.

    Ghrelin is a hormone released from the fundus, which is a part of the stomach. Studies have shown Ghrelin to be associated with hunger management. If ghrelin could somehow be inhibited, the weight loss results from controlled diet and exercise would be manifolds obvious, that too, in a shorter time. While bariatric surgery achieves this by surgically removing the fundus and other parts of the digestive system, bariatric embolization blocks the left gastric artery, right gastric epipolic artery or short gastric arteries which supplies blood to the fundus, in turn, inhibiting the release of ghrelin hormone by 90%.

    Gamma block-Bariatric embolization is performed under 3-dimensional live imaging to achieve accuracy and precision. The procedure begins by introducing micro catheters through either the radial or the femoral artery, which is then guided towards the left gastric artery. Embolization is performed under image guidance, which blocks the blood supply to the fundus. Consequently, ghrelin is inhibited, reducing the feeling of hunger in the patient. Altogether, Gamma block-bariatric embolization accelerates the process of weight loss through physical activity and diet plan. The patient will now feel motivated to put in efforts towards weight loss while saying goodbye to a stubborn reading on the weighing scale.

    Gamma Block-Bariatric arterial embolization is a technique of interventional radiology and is therefore, a noninvasive procedure. Interventional radiologist and endovascular surgical specialist, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad, has specialized in the field and has become a pioneer in bringing these procedures to Pakistan, specifically in Karachi and Lahore.

    Post Procedures

    Once you’re done with the treatment, the doctors will analyze your road towards improvement at every step of the way. As you’re in the hospital, the doctor and medical staff are obligated to look after your health and ensure that you attain a speedy and pain free recovery. After being discharged from the hospital, your doctor and staff will keep in touch with you for regular check-ups through calls to ensure you’re doing well, until the point you get back to being perfectly healthy. A complete trust of the patient in our services and their satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

    Dr. Ahmad has been practicing in the health care industry for more than 20 years.
    In 1995 he completed his fellowship at Northwestern University Chicago Illinois USA.