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    Story Nineteen

    Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad did my procedure on 1/22/24! Although l’m post procedure and my recovery is still ongoing, I can see and feel a difference in my cycle, symptoms, and all around health and peace of mind! My waistline has shrunken significantly due to the fact la€™m no longer bloated! l候m no longer feeling weak and sluggish from suffering from anemia because of a heavy flow, also I haven’t had back pain during my cycle since the procedure. I’ve even passed out some of the fibroids at home so when I had my Ultrasound done today 03/18/24 the doctor barely saw two tiny ones in my uterus when I originally had about 5 small to medium sized ones in various parts of my uterus! So far so good! I want to Thank Dr. Ahmad and USA Fibroid Centers for helping me thru this Journey to having better women’s health and a better quality of life.!

    Dr. Ahmad has been practicing in the health care industry for more than 20 years.
    In 1995 he completed his fellowship at Northwestern University Chicago Illinois USA.