Story Eight

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    Story Eight

    Patient’s mother Mrs. ABC extended her thanks with the message:
    Getting xyz’s procedure done was a difficult experience for me. Its a fact that I have never experienced such pain and agony before but your care and concern for xyz relaxed me a lot. I salute your efforts in OT, the way you handled when she got unconscious and thanks to my Allah for returning xyz to me hale and healthy. She may be only a patient to someone but she is life for my family. You are an angel doctor. You saved me and my family. Thank-you very much.
    Pay my regards to your team-good doctors and staff. Do remember my daughter in your prayers.

    Mrs. ABC (Dr. XYZ’s mother)

    dr imtiaz interventional radiology specialist

    Dr. Ahmad has been practicing in the health care industry for more than 20 years.
    In 1995 he completed his fellowship at Northwestern University Chicago Illinois USA.